Keleigh & Isaac

Meet Isaac, the friendly Bearded Dragon Lizard and his mom, Keleigh...oh yes, and not to forget his buddy, a cat, named Wee. Everyone in this household is friends and well loved. Keleigh taught us all about Bearded Dragons: their personalities, how they change colors and why, and they enjoy snuggling in the nook just as most furry pets! After this interview (Renee, who used to be openly fearful of any reptile), both of us were converted to being more open to ALL the pets, and we hope to meet this little guy some day!

On a side note, but an important note, the audio on this podcast was a bit off on Renee's end. We apologize! Thankfully she didn't say much (we kid)! Kind of. But seriously, listen to the perfect audio from Keleigh and you'll walk away with a better understanding of your not so typical (un-furry) pets and just how much goodness a reptile can bring to your life as the usual dog or cat does. 

Hope you enjoy!

xo! -The Shmoox