Episode #1 - The Beginning

Welcome to Shmoox Radio, a podcast about pets, your pets, our pets, and pet stuff. Our first episode is a quick intro to both hosts, Renee & Hillary and their respective beloved pets. 

PSA. We acknowledge a podcast about pets borders on the weird. We get it. But eh, we LOVE our little furry animals and equally love talking about them. And hope you do too. And of course, we hope you get a kick out of listening to these convos. So a podcast only seemed super natural. 

In Ep #1, we talk about: Renee's two cats,  Emma & Elsie, and how they like to play "baseball" ; Hillary's dog, Lenteja, and how she likes to howl, where she came from, people serenading their pets and thoughts on pet rat tails. It's riveting! 

Show notes:

• Emma looks like a Main Coon. Not a man cow, cow man, or any of the other words that came out of Renee's mouth.

• Truth: people do sing to their pets and yes, this is cute. 

• Howling dogs. It's a thing.

• Pet Rat info: here and here. Turns out their tales are closer to 7-9 inches but they do use them as an arm or leg, per Renee's comment "they have a mind of their own."


Lenteja & Hillary


Renee's cats, Emma & Elsie


If you'd like to be a part of the Shmoox Radio Podcast, shoot us an email. #letsgetshmooxy


Launch date with our show guests is March 5, 2018. Stay tuned!